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2015 Ford Mustang Review

2015 Ford F-150: First Drive

Our on display vehicles!
  • 2014 Maserati Quattroporte  $95,995.00 (51,000 km)
    2014 Maserati Quattroporte
    $95,995.00 (51,000 km)
  • 2015 Ford Explorer  $45,994.00 (34,500 km)
    2015 Ford Explorer
    $45,994.00 (34,500 km)
  • 2014 Ford F-150  $44,994.00 (46,000 km)
    2014 Ford F-150
    $44,994.00 (46,000 km)
  • 2013 Ford F-150  $33,994.00 (61,000 km)
    2013 Ford F-150
    $33,994.00 (61,000 km)
  • 2015 Ford Transit  $32,173.00 (36,000 km)
    2015 Ford Transit
    $32,173.00 (36,000 km)
  • 2013 Ford Flex  $29,476.00 (61,500 km)
    2013 Ford Flex
    $29,476.00 (61,500 km)
  • 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan  $27,350.00 (61,200 km)
    2015 Dodge Grand Caravan
    $27,350.00 (61,200 km)
  • 2013 Ford Edge  $27,350.00 (39,200 km)
    2013 Ford Edge
    $27,350.00 (39,200 km)
  • 2013 Ford Edge  $25,998.00 (52,600 km)
    2013 Ford Edge
    $25,998.00 (52,600 km)
  • 2013 Ford Edge  $24,449.00 (60,598 km)
    2013 Ford Edge
    $24,449.00 (60,598 km)
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Wednesday  .....  9:00am - 9:00pm
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Sunday  .....  Closed
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Desjardins Ford- Ford Dealer in Montreal - Laval

Desjardins Ford has built a solid reputation in Montreal over the years about the quality of their products as well as the courtesy of the services offered. The dealership Desjardins Ford in Montreal offers new Ford vehicles for sale and valuable expert advice to guide you through the buying process.

Obviously, buying a new car is an important decision; let us take care of your needs with professionalism at the image of Desjardins Ford.

Our priority is to put you behind the wheel of a vehicle that will be able to meet all of your expectations, but also to give you assurance and peace of mind for having made a wise choice considering your needs.

Desjardins Ford also has a wide selection of used vehicles for sale within its impressive inventory. Pre-owned Ford vehicles, like Ford Flex, Ford Focus, Ford Focus, Ford Edge, Ford Escape, Ford Mustang, Ford Explorer, and used Ford Ranger pickup trucks in excellent condition, inspected and guaranteed at the lowest price on the market are available for purchase immediately.
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Desjardins Ford St-Laurent
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Toll-free: D2C website phone 1-855-966-3976
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