CoPilot 360

Ford CoPilot 360, your guardian angel on the road

Ford CoPilot 360 is the name Ford has chosen for its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), a so-called guardian angel that helps keep everyone safe on the road. Designed to help drivers avoid collisions, the Ford CoPilot 360 combines both active and passive features. In other words, the driver does not have to intervene, the car does it for him.

What is included in the Ford CoPilot 360?

The following features are the six core technologies:

  • Reversing camera (now standard on all models)
  • Automatic high beam
  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System with Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Lane keep assist - Provides both a warning and management intervention
  • Driver Monitoring System - Monitors a sleepy or inattentive driver
CoPilot 360
CoPilot 360

Ford CoPilot 360 +

According to the model, Ford also offers a slightly more sophisticated version of its system, called Ford CoPilot 360 Assist +. This more advanced feature includes:

  • Voice-activated navigation
  • Adaptive cruise control with stopping and departure capability
  • Lane centering assistance - Center the vehicle actively in the taxiway
  • Evasive Guidance - Helps avoid obstacles when the driver deviates

But wait, there is more! In some cases, it also includes a standard braking system after a crash, which slows the SUV after an initial collision to eliminate or reduce the risk of a secondary collision.

An improved parking assistance system is also available, autonomously directing the vehicle to a parallel or perpendicular parking location while the driver operates the transmission pedal, throttle and brake.


We can not talk about the Ford CoPilot 360 without giving some examples:

Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Traffic Alert Technology is the most useful technology in daily driving. It can illuminate the side mirrors if a vehicle is in the blind spot. If you signal a lane change when another vehicle is in the blind spot, it will flash the light to indicate that such a move is a bad idea.

Helping to keep track of guard on the right track (lane keep assist). When you drift over the lane marking lines, the system produces a vibration through the steering wheel. At the same time, the track maintenance aid pushes the SUV towards the center of the track, unless you add a little muscle to control it.

Adaptive Cruise Control is the basis of the CoPilot 360 Assist +, and you can choose to use Adaptive or Normal Cruise Control via the Driver Information System. It allows you to keep a safe distance and a constant speed, following the vehicles that precede you.

In case of heavy traffic, the stop and start technology works well. This allows the vehicle to stop smoothly and pressing the rewind button will re-accelerate as soon as traffic recovers.

The Evasive Steering Assistant is designed to help the driver avoid a collision when an obstacle suddenly appears in the vehicle's path. It uses the camera and the radar sensors located at the front, determines if there is a risk of collision and, if necessary, gives a visual and audible warning. If the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle is too short to avoid impact, the system automatically triggers braking to reduce speed as much as possible before impact. And there is more. But just remember that with your CoPilot 360, your Ford vehicle is safer than ever.

CoPilot 360 CoPilot 360
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